How It Works

How It Started

I started out creating fun photoshopped portraits of my nieces and nephews and then, of course, they wanted the same done with their dog. I got so much pawsome feedback, I decided to set up Epic Pawtraits to offer a range of unique designs to customers around Australia and overseas! Now I trained up a small team of dedicated Photoshop artists to ensure our high quality remains the best in the field.

So, whether your pet is big or small, fur or feathers, Epic Pawtraits has you covered.

We incorporate your pet into the design of your choice and apply our specially designed filters to create a Pawtrait that looks like it was painted by Michaelangelo himself!

Quality guaranteed
We offer a no-quibble guarantee of quality so, in the unlikely event your portrait is damaged when you open it, just send us a photo of the damage and we’ll send you a replacement, no questions asked.

Customer service
We may be an online business, but we don’t offshore our customer service. We are a small passionate business located in Sydney. You’ll always be able to reach a friendly member of our team to help you and we'll ensure you get a quick response within 24 hours.

I hope you find a design that suits your pet's awesome character looks great on your wall. Show your pet's noble nature!


Photo Specifications

Take the photo of your pet an eye level to the camera. This way they'll match their new body.

Resolution & Clarity

Big prints require big images. As a guide, photos taken on your phone or camera are perfect. Avoid taking photos off social media such as Facebook and Instagram as those are often reduced in size.
Take the photo up close so there's as much detail as possible.
If your photo resolution is too low for a particular print size, don’t panic - we’ll let you know so you can provide us with another.


We can do a lot to brighten and, in some cases, darken an image to suit a design. But it is best not to take a photo in direct sunlight on a sunny day as too much light can bounce off your pet's head or face and the image can become “blown out”. This makes it harder to make your image blend into the design. On the flip-side, photographs that are too dark can lose a lot of detail. Try to take your photograph in natural light during the day.

Cropping and Obstacles

Make sure your pet's ears are in the frame and remove their collar so we can see their neck.
Take the photo close-up but not too close!



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